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Holistic & Sports Therapies


When I was searching for Holistic treatments online, I was drawn to Nina’s website, she seemed to have a good variety of treatments at the right price for me.

I went along to have a Reflexology treatment; I was quite nervous but with Nina’s super friendly nature I was put at ease immediately. The calming atmosphere of the treatment room together with the foot massage soon had me feeling very relaxed. Reflexology is a great way of discovering which parts of my body were out of sync. Nina gave an in-depth summary after the treatment.

A few months later I thought I would try a Reiki treatment as I had heard how beneficial it could be to me. I have arthritis and I am in constant pain.

This experience was completely different. Although fully clothed I could really feel the spiritual energy flow coming from Nina’s hands mostly heat but in some areas of my body her hands were like ice. It was strange, but at the same time made me feel extremely calm. Again, at the end of the treatment Nina gave me a full summary of what happened during treatment it was amazing!

I am completely in awe at how these treatments benefit my health. I am definitely going back for more sessions. Nina is a caring person incredibly professional she thoroughly enjoys her work helping people to feel more comfortable with their situations.

Nina’s treatment room is perfectly placed at the top of town in Basingstoke with easy access to parking facilities so good for anyone that struggles to walk.

Look forward to seeing you again soon Nina.

Mary G Basingstoke


I've just finished my fourth session with Nina in as many months. I found her website and was encouraged by the professional look of the site, by her pretty smile and the 'Stress-free zone' photo.

I've been suffering with various ongoing joint pain for several years which after joint replacement and much physiotherapy, still gives me constant nagging pain, stopping me sleeping, thus dragging me down both physically and mentally. I'd been thinking about massage for a while but as a rather reserved middle-aged man, hadn't taken the plunge.

On seeing Nina's website, I plucked up courage to book a session and my goodness, am I glad I did? An hour's clinical, heavy muscle work for my aches and pains and a second hour, 'for me' - of incredibly satisfying, totally relaxing aromatherapy. I floated out of the door!

After my now four sessions, my joint pains are subsiding and I'm getting more sleep, not to mention the amazing effect of the aromatherapy - I walk out of the session like 'Mr. Soft', without a care in the world and totally relaxed.

This lady is totally professional whilst actually 'caring' about her clients..........totally recommended!

Thank you Nina............Pete (Basingstoke)

I have had a very painful leg for about 4 years. I have seen numerous Physiotherapists and Doctors who all said it came from my back and gave me lots of exercises, but nothing helped.

About 6 months ago I started seeing Nina. She was the first person who actually worked on the painful area. She has given me deep muscle massage and pinpointed certain painful areas; she has also worked on a lot of the surrounding areas. She has also given me stretch exercises and taught me how to manage the condition.

To begin with I saw Nina every week, but now go every 5/6weeks. I am 80% better and will certainly carry on seeing her.

Mrs S Stenning

Thank you for your help recently when I booked a massage therapy with you. Despite having to deal with a stressed and tense client, you ensured that the therapy was relaxing and more importantly complimented the work of an osteopath. I have already recommended you to friends and clients.

MrsL – Hampshire

This is just a note to say that my back, body and mind are well on the way to normality as a direct result of your expert advice and treatments over the last5 or 6 sessions. The quality of treatments, the ambience of the Insight Centre,the healing properties of the oils all contribute to a wonderful feeling after every treatment, waking up is the only problem! Your products and service are having a very positive impact to my well-being, my business performance as a Chartered Building Surveyor, and my mind-set, all kept in top form, which for this I thank you. I will have no hesitation to make further appointments for your services when the need arises and will make every effort to recommend you to other businesses, colleagues or family in need of relief from stress, aches and pains of everyday life. JUST GREAT!

Garry T -Winchester

Thank you so much for the reflexology treatment you gave me in April, I cannot tell you how much difference it made to my wellbeing. As a busy solicitor in a growing practice it is paramount that I remain in good health. It is vital that all the body’s systems are working as they should and your treatment certainly reminded my body’s systems of that. The treatment was relaxing and pleasurable and you gave me a good explanation of what to expect. The treatment had a significant effect, and for the first 24 hours afterwards I felt pretty awful, but after that very, very much improved. I fully intend to book a course of regular treatments with you and will gladly refer you to family, friends and colleagues.

Anna I -Hampshire

I would like to thank you again for the amazingly relaxing massage you gave me last weekend, your manner and skills combined to provide a truly tranquil experience. I believe you offer outstanding value for money. I will look forward to visiting you a again soon and will recommend you highly to others.

Mrs. T -Hampshire

Having experienced reflexology previously I have an understanding of the benefits this particular holistic therapy brings, from both a relaxation and a treatment point of view. For many years I have had to manage the issue of swollen ankles which has affected both my confidence and appearance. Having had a series of treatments with you there has been a remarkable difference – the results have been incredible. The swelling is subsiding considerably and my ankles are becoming more defined. Not only have you made a difference to my ankles you have provided a positive effect on my whole body. Your treatment has been very effective and continues to help my body re-balance holistically and naturally. I certainly have benefitted from your human touch! Investing in your expertise, care, love and support has been a valuable investment. I love your calm and professional manner – it is to be admired. I will without a shadow of a doubt continue to recommend you and your treatments to family, friends and colleagues and I look forward to continuing my treatment with you. Thank you so much Nina.

Mrs. M -Basingstoke

Just had a client singing your praises Nina and saying what a fantastic treatment he received when he visited you last week. Apparently, he has never felt so relaxed and slept better than he had done for years!

Ms. C -Basingstoke

Nina, cannot thank you enough for the most amazingly relaxing experience... I'm still smiling, you have cleansed body and soul... no more arm ache, no more inner pain .. thank you so much.

Ms H -Basingstoke

I got a reflexology treatment with Nina as a gift for my birthday. The ambient was very inviting and cosy and I felt as a part of the treatment room. In the back ground soothing music was playing, which made me feel relaxed and peaceful. When Nina started with the treatment, it felt like I was slowly falling into sleep, but at the same time I had a feeling I was “flying” away, somewhere nice and peaceful. I just can’t find the words to describe it. It was absolutely magical. After the treatment, my feet felt very light and weightless. It felt like I was floating above the ground. Thank you for unforgettable reflexology and hope to see you soon again. Nina"

Marjeta K- Slovenia

Dear Nina, I would like to thank you again for the amazing relaxing massage you gave me last weekend, your manner and skills combined to provide a truly tranquil experience. I believe you offer outstanding value for money. I look forward to visiting you again soon and will recommend you highly to others.

Mrs R -Basingstoke

Dear Nina, My busy, stressful life running a business had recently left me feeling frazzled and burn'€™t out and desperately in need of some relaxation. As a result I decided to come and have a full body massage with you. Having once been a massage therapist myself, I am not easily pleased and normally find myself being quite critical of any massage I receive. I arrived after a busy day at work, tense and uptight, to find a beautiful laid out room, dimly lit with calming music playing. You made me feel at ease, calm and comfortable and explaining exactly what the treatment would include. Your lovely massage which included amazing heated pads, left me feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful and had completely alleviated me of my upper back pain that I suffer as a result of stress. I cannot wait to have another one and I have already recommended you to everyone I know.

Ami C -Basingstoke